Wednesday, October 1, 2008

...mY LeTTeR tO a "sTraNgeR"...

Dear person marrying one of my favorite people in the world,

I know that we are strangers, but there must be some part of you in me and me in you. I say this because we see the same thing with different sets of eyes...a genuine friend...a brilliant mind...a kind and giving amazing man. I hope that you know just how lucky you are, and what an amazing step you are about to take. I hope that as you travel down the path of your life together...and as things change...and you each age...that one thing will remain constant...your love for each other. I hope that you will never become so busy with the everyday details of someday kids...that you lose sight of what it is that drew you together.

He is my dearest sounding board. At times I was the only woman there for him...there when others walked away. I was there to give advice. Letting go was not easy, but it needed to be done. Sometimes it is hard to know that I am no longer needed...hard for selfish reasons. But most of the time...I am so grateful that he finally met a person that sees what I have always happy that he loves you and you love him. Please treat him well...take care of him no matter what.

I wish you both all the love an happiness in the world.


Dolce said...

I love this post. I hope your friend knows how special you think she is.

MC said...

Thanks...I do too. :)