Friday, February 22, 2008

...soMetiMes gOOd guYs dOn't fiNisH LaSt...

Some say that good guys finish last. I hate to admit it, but being the ultimate pessimist...I have always agreed with this. I am not implying that it is bad or wrong to be a "good guy"...and I am in no way suggesting that guys should all be mean and reckless. I've just seen it happen with people I like way too many times...and I'm embarrassed to say that I had my share of crushes on a number of "bad boys" in the past as well. I can think of a handful of guys that I was so attracted to in college. It almost seemed...chemical...uncontrollable. I knew it would never last and I knew my heart would suffer in the end, but still...those were the ones I wanted.

Now that many years have passed and I am "an old married lady" that chose a "good guy" in the end...I see how dumb it really is...this stupid law that we girls perpetuate. It is funny that what I once did, angers me now when I see it happen to guys that I love... family... friends. I remember just about 6 months ago...I was feeling frustrated...wondering how a sweet, but immature girl that I know couldn't see how great what she had was...and worse...wondering why such a great guy would accept that and STILL want her after being hurt like that...more than once. I was so mad that she was breaking the heart of someone that I love, but my only solace was that I hoped that one day...she would look back and regret the decisions she made out of youthful ignorance...that she would see that she wasn't going to find a better guy than the one she was throwing away.

That "good guy" has struggled and been through a seriously life changing experience since then. He's been through some pretty challenging times...externally adapting to a new life...and internally finding balance in that new life. I've often wondered how someone so great could be alone...why he seemed to finish last in love.

Now...he is happy. Finally...he has won the prize...a prize far greater than the one he sought after for SO LONG. He has found his "exception"...the girl that is smart enough to see what the others did worthy of him. Nothing is ever certain. People can change over time...but I pray that for his sake...this is it. Lucky for him, there are exceptions to every rule. Lucky for us girls that fall for the "bad boys"... there are still "good guys" that keep trying and don't give up...even when they finish last a few times.

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