Tuesday, June 19, 2012


There are things in life... feelings...disappointments...experiences that are indescribable.  The first time your heart gets broken...catching a person in a lie...having someone you look up to not be worthy of that position...realizing that you love someone that doesn't love you back...hearing you have a serious illness...these are just a few of those things.  In that moment, it's almost as if time stand still temporarily.  You can be the the most talented writer with the best vocabulary and sometimes there just are no words that do a situation justice or adequately describe the level of hurt or sadness it may bring.

I've often wondered why we all feel the need to tell each other that we understand.  Because as much as I hate it, I've done this very thing myself.  Is it because it's easier to say those words than to really DO something?  Is it because we are responsible?  Is it because we are too lazy or afraid to figure out what to do?  Is it because we think it somehow heals the hurt of another person to just say the words?  Maybe we do to a certain extent, but do we REALLY, FULLY understand how another feels?  I believe the answer is no.

We all have different "backdrops"...different "actors"...different points of view in the "play" of our lives, and so try as we might...I do not believe that any of us can ever truly understand how another person feels especially when it's an emotion or situation that is indescribable.  Maybe we would be better served to take the time to figure out what we can do that is in no way self serving to SHOW people that we care.  Maybe we should be a little less lazy and a lot more loving...to think of people not AFTER the fact, but before.  Maybe we should learn to be brave and not run from things that hurt.  Maybe we need less talking and more DOing in our lives.   Maybe then we wouldn't need to say "I understand" because the people we truly care about...would know.

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