Friday, November 7, 2008

...wHy i LoVe mEn...

I'm SO NOT a man hater! I love men. I relate better to men usually than I do to women. In fact...sometimes...I think I AM a man trapped in a woman's body...except for the liking girls thanks! Anyways...this is why most of my friends are men and this what I love about them...

When men are mad...I mean REALLY mad...they just punch a wall, or break something, or hit the guy makin em mad in the face...they just get it out...and then it's done...over. We women hang on and hold a grudge. We smile to each other's faces and grumble, "B****" under our breath when you walk away.

Men don't gossip. They don't care what Joe wore to the party last night. They could care less if Bob has put on 10 pounds. This is not because they are better people...they just don't give a crap! We women gossip and hate on each other and judge and compare ourselves to every other person we see. We see their success as OUR failure. We whisper and call each other and notice EVERYTHING.

Men are not ashamed...of everything. If they fart...or burp...they laugh. If they need to spit or blow their noses...they do it...right out in the front of...whoever. We women would die of embarrassment if a fart slipped out in "mixed company". Now, I'm not saying I like that or that I want to go around farting and spitting...and I'm NOT saying I want the men in my life to fart and spit in front of me...I SO appreciate it when they refrain! I'm just saying that I admire a man's ability to be...ummm..."comfortable in their own skin".

Men can laugh at each other and still be friends...trash talk and not get hurt feelings. In fact, sometimes, I think these are bonding experiences for them. If we women laugh at each other...that's the end...and trash talkin?!?...them's fightin words!

Men never really grow up. They still play video games and they never outgrow throwing balls and telling gross jokes. They find joy in these "small pleasures". Men can have fun doing nothing...they need no time or dress code. We women try to be serious...we need plans to have fun...we want to know what our friends are wearing and we want to make sure we all show up at the same time.

I could go on and on...but the fact is men and women are so different...and while I will admit that some of these things CAN get annoying...I love the men in my friends.

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LBluca77 said...

I relate so much better to men as well. That is why like 95% of my friends are men.