Tuesday, November 11, 2008

...BEHOLD!...tHe pOwEr oF bOObs!...

I've been thinkin about boobs a lot lately...about the power they hold over some men. The interesting thing is that big fake boobs used to be shocking...unusual. NOW...they are common place. In fact, I think that these days it seems like women are weird if they are SMALLER than a D cup. I mean, I have a C cup and I feel like I'm small some days! also find it AMAZING that a woman can have a...LESS than beautiful face...or even (sorry to be a catty girl) an UGLY face...but if she's got a nice, big set of boobs...a lot of men will think she's "HOT". It shocks me that women post pictures on MYSPACE in bikinis or less and well they DON'T have good figures. They have big bellies and flabby arms and legs...BUT..they also have big, round, fake looking D cup boobs...AND SOOO...many men think they are "BEAUTIFUL". WHAT?!?!

Okay girls, let me rewind and say this is NOT a post saying that we as women shouldn't put on a bikini unless we have tiny, perfect bodies. It is NOT a judgement against people that choose to have their breasts "augmented" or even women that choose LARGE implants. It is also NOT a post saying that women have to be perfect or flawless to be beautiful. It just seriously AMAZES me the POWER that boobs have over men. Boobs can be like "beer goggles". They make men think they are seeing something that they are NOT and they ENHANCE beauty that may or may not be there. And you know what else? Women KNOW it and USE it. I'm not tryin to be a hater...I KNOW how to use what I got. I may not have double Ds, but I've got enough to turn some heads in the right top. I also DON'T want people to love me or think I'm beautiful or special because of what's in my bra...which is the reason I have never posted anything like the pic above on myspace. (There's actually a funny story about my daughter thinking my shirt was funny when I got home from the gym and asking to take a picture of it. I said okay and pointed at my shirt. She's 9...and obviously shorter than me...I thought she was getting ALL of me...but she was focused in on my shirt...and in the end...when I pulled up the pic...THIS is what we got! ha!). Sorry to diverge but I had to ESS-SPLAIN this funny funny picture...anyways...I didn't wanna deal with the insincere people that I would get messages from if I ever posted anything like this. If someone wants to comment or think I look good...I want it to be because they really think that I am beautiful and not because they are blinded by body parts...the words wouldn't be for ME...they'd be for my boobs. I just wish I could help the men so easily affected by 2 balls of saline or silicone open their eyes and not be so blinded by the sight of cleavage. C'mon boys! Don't get yanked around...wake up! Take off the "boob goggles"!
I'm NOT condoning ANYTHING in this video! I just couldn't resist adding it because it reminded me of EXACTLY what I'm sayin! It's just too funny! (Sorry Dad! He is a big Bill O'Reilly fan and hates Ludacris. Luckily he doesn't read my blog or even know it exists. I don't even think he knows what a blog is...whew!)


Dolce said...

Hey, I'm a full C and I LOVE my boobs. But I know when to show em and and when to keep the girls hidden.

I wouldn't trade my boobs for much of anything.

MC said...